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How do I participate in one of Orion's Monthly Virtual Matches?

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Orion's Monthly Virtual Matches are a fun way for users to compare scores with other teams and shooters from across the country. There is no entry fee or complicated registration process. Simply sign up to join the match, shoot, and view results online. Both Orion for Clubs and Orion at Home users can participate.

Click here to learn more about the Monthly Virtual Matches.


  • A valid Orion license.
  • Internet access from the Orion workstation.
  • Orion Version 2.3.33 or greater. Click here for help.
  • Enabled Result Center for the club or team. Click here for help.

Sign up for the Match.

  1. Log in to your Orion account.
  2. Click the Participate in an Open Virtual Match link near the top left of the page.
  3. Select the 'Join' link for the match to participate in.
  4. Select 'Yes' to confirm participation.

Download the Monthly Virtual Match to the Orion Workstation.

Click here for general instructions on participating in a Virtual Match.

  1. Open Orion.
  2. On the Welcome Screen, click on the Virtual Match's name under "Create a New Match."
  3. Orion will ask if you want to confirm and if you want to add your Favorites to the Team. Select yes to both questions.

Once the Virtual Match is downloaded, run the match like a normal one. Add competitors and teams, print barcode labels, and score targets as normal. Orion will communicate to the Result Center on the user's behalf to report scores.

Special Instructions for the Monthly Virtual Matches.

In general, after downloading the match, run it like any other Orion match. There are a few special instructions necessary to take advantage of state rankings and dynamic team generation.

  • Enter in the two letter state code (e.g. "VA" or "CA") for each competitor or team under the 'State' column. This is needed to correctly list the shooter or team by their state in the rankings.
  • Create only a single team per club. Assign all club members to that team. Orion will automatically create dynamic-teams based on individual performance.

Viewing Results.

There are multiple ways to view the results online.